• Mission + Vision

    "The mission of The Birch Center is to enhance safety for victims of domestic violence and their children by providing supervised visitation and exchange services in a safe, respectful and non-institutional setting." 


    For more information please feel free to contact us at (907) 374-8550. 


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    It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.


    "I have been utilizing services at the Birch Center for over two years. The staff are always courteous and helpful. The Birch Center offers a warm atmosphere that enables families the ability to maintain contact and the parent/child bond which otherwise they would not be able to have. I am thankful for the Birch Center."

    -Client of The Birch Center

    Our Staff

    Visitation Monitors and Security Staff are trained to assess safety and provide a secure, protective environment for families to visit. All visitations and exchanges are supervised by Visitation Monitors and Security Staff.

    Services We Offer


    The Birch Center is designed to allow non-custodial parents and children to visit in a safe and comfortable environment. The Center offers one visit per week, for a maximum of two hours. Scheduling is dependent upon The Birch Center's schedule.

    Drop off and pick up of children must be between the custodial and non-custodial parents. Separate entrances and parking areas, as well as staggered arrival and departure times, are provided at The Birch Center to enhance safety for each parent and child. 


    Supervised exchanges allow parents to exchange their child/ren in a conflict free, consistent, and safe atmosphere.

    Separate entrances and parking areas, as well as staggered arrival and departure times are provided to enhance safety for each parent and child.


    Board games, toys, books, art material, a Wii, X-Box and a selection of videos are provided at The Birch Center.  Families are also encouraged to bring age appropriate games/toys.

    Kitchen facilities are available if families wish to share a snack or meal together. Dishes and cooking utensils are provided, however, families must bring their own food.

    How To Get Started


    The Birch Center accepts referrals for families that have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, or child abuse. Families may be referred by the court system, or other community resource. Clients may also self-refer. 


    Prior to beginning visitations or exchanges at The Birch Center, intake paperwork must be completed. 

    Click here to download intake paperwork.

    Intake paperwork may also be picked up at the Rabinowitz Court House in the DV Clerk's Office. An emailed copy may be requested  by contacting The Birch Center at 907-374-8550. 


    Once intake paperwork is completed, it is necessary for both parents to schedule their individual Orientation with The Birch Center.

    Parents will meet individually with the Program Coordinator.  In addition to the completed intake paperwork, each parent must bring with them photo identification and all court documents pertaining to their case.

    Upon completion of orientation by both the custodial and non-custodial parents, the Program Coordinator will set a visitation schedule, contingent upon Center availability. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost?

    Families who have experienced Domestic Violence qualify for grant funding to utilize the Birch Center. These families are not charged a fee when children are transported by and between parents.

    Families who have not experienced Domestic Violence but wish to use The Birch Center will be charged $40/hour and placed on the schedule as time permits.  However, families with a history of Domestic Violence will be given priority on the schedule. 


    How will I know my children will be safe?

    The overall goal of the The Birch Center is to provide safety to everyone while visits and exchanges occur.  Visitation Monitors and Security Staff are trained to assess safety and to provide a secure, protected environment.  A visitation monitor remains in the room with the visiting parent while security staff monitors the visit from a secure location.